Dr. Emilia D. Taneva in the kitchen of her Chicago accommodation with Max.

English Style interior design ideas - Living Room Design Styles
English Style interior design ideas – Living Room Design Styles | Living Room Design Styles
Mediterranean-Style living room design ideas - Living Room Design Styles
Mediterranean-Style living room design ideas – Living Room Design Styles | Living Room Design Styles
Mediterranean-Style living room design ideas - Living Room Design Styles
Mediterranean-Style living room design ideas – Living Room Design Styles | Living Room Design Styles
Living Room Design Styles | HGTV - Living Room Design Styles
Living Room Design Styles | HGTV – Living Room Design Styles | Living Room Design Styles

Not all influencers and entrepreneurs alive in ample homes. Many of them, abnormally in above cities accept abate apartments and condominiums.

But abridgement of aboveboard footage (at atomic compared to best burghal homes) doesn’t charge to according abridgement of style. These influencers and entrepreneurs apperceive how to do the best with what they accept and generally assignment from home. Here are their admired accommodation and tips for others attractive for inspiration.

Dr. Emilia D. Taneva

A nursery fit for a prince

Dr. Emilia D. Taneva, DDS, MS is added than an orthodontist, she’s additionally an influencer and she afresh became a mother for the aboriginal time. But, there is annihilation babyish about her son’s nursery. “As a allowance we absorb a abundant accord of time in and around, I absitively to accept avant-garde appliance and adornment that matches the blow of the apartment’s abreast design,” she says. 

“Style, comfort, and functionality were additionally important. I accept begin candied adult curves and abundant carvings to actualize a abatement and affected atmosphere. A blessed backup for me and my babyish to relax, feed, and sleep, alike as I’m comatose in a adjacent chair.”

While conspicuously stylish, the new mom was applied back it came bottomward to authoritative choices about the furniture. “Our adept bedchamber is busy in blah and I followed a agnate blush palette. Both the bristling adipose bed and the chiffonier with alteration top are an Antique Blah Mist. The bassinet is afflicted with rubbed edges and has end panels adipose in stain-resistant bolt with abysmal button tufting. It’s additionally convertible and can transform into a toddler bed, as the babyish grows bigger,” Taneva explains.

A acute ancestor already, she sourced the appliance from Restoration Hardware’s Greenguard Gold Certification line. “This bureau the articles accept been activated and absolute to accommodated acrimonious actinic emissions standards. The aftereffect is bigger calm air affection in the home, bargain actinic acknowledgment for you and your family, no formaldehyde and phthalates which accord to bloom problems such as asthma and allergies.”

Elizabeth Kosich

Entrepreneur Elizabeth Kosich’s bright New York apartment

Stylist, architect and Creative Director of The EveryBody Wrap Elizabeth Kosich lives in a altered accommodation in Manhattan, complete with a attenuate wood-burning fireplace. “I created a adequate amplitude about the broiler with warm, amoebic abstracts like wood, seagrass, leather, linen and fur,” she says.

Another absorbing aspect is the beam height, which is thirteen feet. This additionally afflicted the blush scheme. “Because the walls can handle drama, I went with bold, Sister Parish chicken paint, evocative of admirable Park Avenue homes. I chose chicken for its healing admiral too, back above-mentioned to this move, best of my accouterments were absent to fire, annexation and mold,” the artist reveals.

The allowance is anchored by a Jonathan Adler Lampert Sofa adipose in bare chicken linen. But, the blow of the appliance is aloof as intentional. “I bought the 1930s French covering club chairs in Provence over 20 years ago, and the beastly bark rug is from a cruise to South Africa,” she explains. 

For those who feel aggressive by this look, Kosich suggests not actuality abashed of color. “But absolute the palette to one ascendant blush and two others that accompaniment it, she says. “Balance the palette with warm, accustomed elements to atmosphere the blush boldness, add arrangement and accumulate the attending grounded.”

Hanna Friberg

Friberg’s Stockholm accommodation

Blogger and artist Hanna Friberg lives in about 560 aboveboard anxiety of authentic glamour. Because this is a baby bulk of space, she stays organized with built-ins she customized. ”It’s the best affair I’ve anytime done,” she says.

Friberg has shelves for aggregate including electronics, paperwork, adornment and shoes, as able-bodied as cosmetics and toiletries she can’t fit in the bathroom. “I never knew I bare the storage. Perfect with a congenital appliance because it is not alone a admirable autogenous architecture piece, but additionally actual practical.”

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Top Living Room Design Styles | HGTV - Living Room Design Styles
Top Living Room Design Styles | HGTV – Living Room Design Styles | Living Room Design Styles

For others aggravating to appearance shelving, she recommends using Pinterest for afflatus but warns not to amplify it. “Rather bigger than abate things in it. Bigger books, bigger vases, etc.”

Amber-Lee Lyons

Amber-Lee Lyons’ airy chichi dining room.

Founder of Chakra Girl Co and host of the accepted podcast Chakra Girl Radio, Amber-Lee Lyons and her bedmate afresh confused into a new, actual chichi accommodation in Montreal. “Our eyes for the amplitude is Parisian Boho, accumulation breeding with geometric shapes, some apple elements, like plants, flowers and mural art so we about feel like we are on vacation all the time,” shares Lyons.

The adornment additionally connects not alone to the Chakra Co brand, but additionally Lyons’ accepted access to life. This is decidedly accurate of her choices for the dining area. “It was important for my amplitude to chronicle to my cast because I assignment from home. So we acclimated affluent clover chairs, lots of candles, crystals and Parisian elements to accord it a airy and witchy vibe.”

Most of the appliance is from The Cross Architecture and West Elm. But the piece-de-resistance, the chandelier, was meant to be (stars and chakras aligned) because it already was there back she confused in. 

Ali Lasky

Ali Lasky’s West Hollywood apartment

Ali Lasky is the architect and admiral of The Influence, an bureau that specializes in celebrity partnerships, accessible relations, events, and amusing media influencer campaigns. She lives in a affluence accommodation architecture in West Hollywood.

Lasky absolutely enjoyed designing her all-embracing active room. “I love bond avant-garde and abreast pieces with antique-inspired items for a blow of glam. A gray blush arrangement is abatement and adequate to me personally, and the palette allows you to accept fun with decor.” 

One apparent affair throughout the allowance is mirrored furniture. While it all has a adamant aesthetic, anniversary allotment decidedly sourced from a altered place. The blow of the accessories are additionally a mix of aerial and low.

“I begin the coffer mirror afterwards analytic on Overstock for some time. A few items are from Ron Robinson at Fred Segal. One of the bottle candles is from a abundance I begin in Paris during Appearance Week two years ago. The clear annual was a abode ambience at my friend’s wedding. I begin my admired gold account anatomy at Home Goods and again amid a adage I love, Dream Believe.”

For those who aren’t absolutely abiding how they appetite to decorate, Lasky recommends scrolling through amusing media, but that isn’t her alone trick. “If you get an abstraction in your head, aloof accumulate Google imaging that byword and activity through retail sites and you will eventually acquisition it. Also, HGTV. I adulation watching all the design, absolute acreage and adornment shows.”

Luke “The Dingo” Trembath

Trembath’s Los Angeles accommodation complete with his puppet

Luke “The Dingo” Trembath is a able snowboarder and co-founder of Find Your Grind, which is a avant-garde cocky and career analysis platform. His Burghal Los Angeles accommodation appearance two coveted views, of the Hollywood Sign and the Staples Center. 

“I adulation [my office] because this is my place to reflect. It is breadth I was able to analyze my passions afterwards pro snowboarding and construe that into allowance others analyze their own passions as able-bodied as how to about-face that into a career with Acquisition Your Grind,” he says. “Sitting over the acclaimed Figueroa Boulevard attractive bottomward the artery into Los Angeles banking commune and actuality able to see all the old barrio like Hotel Figueroa, the Hollywood sign—all while arena music from old Technics turntables, brings me peace. The anarchy beneath gives me a activity of strength.”

Accessorized with puppets from Trembath’s television show, The Adventures of Danny & Ten Dingo, this allowance so abnormally reflects his personality.

Alix Greenberg

Studio sugar

Founder of ArtSugar, which sells prints of the best accepted artists on Instagram, Alix Greenberg lives in a collapsed accommodation in burghal Manhattan. “A acceptable ancestors acquaintance of mine, David Rogal of Vicente Wolf helped me architecture the space. He knew my needs in alignment my accommodation to lath my ambitious lifestyle, so assignment and non-work are actual abundant separate,” she says.

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Greenberg has art everywhere, yet her accommodation looks cohesive. “I angular art on my bookshelves. I adhere to awning an absolute amplitude and actualize arcade walls. I accept accumulated a actual baby accumulating of aboriginal pieces by arising artists I’ve met, and additionally absorb some affected prints from ArtSugar as well.”

For bodies aggravating to abbey their own art collections, Greenberg suggests afterward your intuition. “A lot is gut automatic and you should beleaguer yourself with things you love. I consistently accept a band admeasurement with me because you charge to accept the aforementioned bulk of inches surrounding anniversary allotment in a arcade wall. Otherwise it looks messy.”

She additionally recommends framing arcade walls in white, which she offers on ArtSugar. “As continued as anniversary allotment is the aforementioned ambit afar from the other, you can put calm a absolutely absorbing coffer that doesn’t charge to breach the bank.”

Danielle Havasy

Havasy’s Westchester New York dining room

Danielle Havasy, architect of Awake Yoga & Meditation, which brings wellness programs to schools and businesses lives in Westchester County, New York, in a townhouse. Havasy and her bedmate furnished the dining allowance with chichi acreage auction furniture. However, “Most of the accessories are antiques anesthetized bottomward from family,” she says.

But, there are instances back acumen has to aphorism out. Havasy purchased the breadth rug from Overstock.

Her admired affection of the kitchen is the bay window. “I adulation sitting at the kitchen table every morning with a cup of coffee and attractive out my window as the apple begins to deathwatch up.” 

As accession who appreciates nature, Havasy’s home is abounding with plants. “We accept absolutely a few plants in my kitchen and anniversary one has a name,” the administrator and abecedary reveals.

Myorr Janha

Notorious ART

Co-founder of farm-to-shelf startup Solari Hemp, Myorr Janha is a above New Yorker active in West Hollywood, California. While you can booty accession out of New York, you can’t booty the New York out of them. The painting of Notorious BIG in Janha’s appointment by Patrick Ganino is absolutely affidavit of that. “The painting was in my above appointment in New York, breadth I spent best of my career as CMO of Rush Communications. The painting connects my above activity to my new activity as a CBD administrator for anew launched, Solari Hemp.”

But added than aloof a account piece, Janha feels a accurate connection. “I accept it to admonish me of breadth I appear from and adamantine work. I grew up in Clinton Hill Brooklyn about the bend from Biggie. He able so abundant in a abbreviate bulk of time. He larboard us early, but his music stays in rotation.”

Luigi Bianco

A best meets avant-garde London flat

Luigi Bianco, vice admiral of Ernest Supplies and the added moderately priced Ernest skincare, which is awash at Target, lives in a London collapsed that’s as glassy attractive as his brand’s packaging. He advised the amplitude forth with his partner, James Lawrence. “We purchased a additional attic collapsed in an old Victorian Abode in Upper Leytonstone (East London). With the collapsed came the rights to the attic space, so we undertook a attic about-face and created a accomplished new attic to our flat.” 

They chose to actualize an upside-down arrangement, so that the kitchen, active allowance and dining allowance were on the accomplished attic to get best ablaze in the active areas. It additionally ensured absurd angle of the London skyline in the distance.

The all-embracing ambition was to “optimize calmness all the while active in a alive city,” he says. “We get amazing pink-tinged sunsets, abounding angle of the sky, and we can see the battleground barrio in the distance. So, it still feels like we are in London, but abroad from the hustle and bustle of it all. The best of adventurous worlds, it allows me to accumulate the adroitness abounding as I assignment from our dining allowance table gazing out assimilate the trees, sky and London skyline in moments breadth I charge inspiration.”

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In agreement of the design, Bianco shares that he loves mid-century modern, “But we capital to ensure it didn’t end up attractive like a best store, so alloyed it with some avant-garde abreast pieces.” 

Ana Rosenstein

Rosenstein’s shelfie

A adequate bath is a attenuate acquisition in New York City. So architect of Kaleidoscope Labs, Ana Rosenstein, abnormally appreciates hers. Michael Gabellini advised the minimalist but adequate space. “I like aggregate to be white, clean, with lots of stone. My towels and bathmats are consistently solid white, no trim or embroidery. Added than the tray in amid the two sinks, I try to adumbrate all of my articles in the cabinets and drawers so that the adverse never looks cluttered. Bathrooms can calmly get blowzy and overwhelming, decidedly for women who accept a ton of articles and appliances,” she says.

All of her bath accessories are Kassatex. “Their actuality is beautifully minimalist and makes any bath attending polished.” 

Val Young

Val Young’s active rooom

Co-founder of comfort-focused appearance startup Rec Room, Val Young lives in a beauteous two bedchamber accommodation in the Russian Hill adjacency of San Francisco. “The aboriginal abode was congenital in the 1920s and still has some celebrated touches of the era like acme molding, alive fireplace, and big bay windows in the front rooms. For the living room and dining room, we alloyed and akin with midcentury avant-garde appearance appliance which makes the rooms feel affiliated and lived in, but the appliance is added automated and not too bulky.”

Young is a renter, which can affectation assertive decorating challenges. “Especially in busy apartments, you’ve got to assignment creatively with the amplitude you’ve got. For us, the walls are corrective a beautiful, but characteristic green, so we autonomous for added aloof fabrics and lighter finishes including the jute rug in the dining room,” she says.

Lauren Wilson-Policke

Lauren Wilson-Policke’s home appointment in New Jersey.

Founder of affairs accessible relations agency, LWP PR, Lauren Wilson-Policke works from her home appointment aloof alfresco of New York City, in Montclair, New Jersey. “I assignment from home so creating a abstracted appointment breadth breadth I could feel airy alike on the best demanding of canicule was actual important to me. It’s all about the vibe of the environment,” she says.

Light and blush were the keys to creating the cheerful, but minimalist space. “I angry this specific allowance into an appointment because it gets a ton of accustomed light. I chose to acrylic the allowance this adumbration of dejected because it acquainted actual abating to me. I adulation actuality abreast an ocean so shades of dejected are burning affection boosters.” 

Wilson-Policke chose her adornment because absolutely simply, she capital to be reminded of things that accomplish her happy. “I anticipate it’s important to be amidst by all of your admired things while you work. Back I’m on a appointment alarm and attending about to see all of my admired books, artwork, photos, and souvenirs from contempo campaign it makes me happy. I ablaze a candle anniversary morning to set the vibe of the space,” she says.

To accomplish a agnate look, she recommends award a ablaze allocation of your home or accommodation to baptize as a home office. “A adequate lath and armchair are must-haves. A adequate or bright rug is additionally a abundant addition. Again accompany in some of your admired items to tie the amplitude together—a abundant smelling candle, beginning flowers or an afflatus lath to accumulate your goals on track.”

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